Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cycle Fit

So here I am on my rest day in Spain, again thinking writing a blog is probably the best thing to do!

So, instead of wittering on about the first few days of training camp, that can wait until next week or so, I will write about something also very important for me, and should be for every other cyclist, CycleFit.

A few days before returning to Belgium I found myself on my way to London to visit the guys at CycleFit. This was not my first time, but after last year with the custom foot beds I really saw the benefit and could not understand how people ride with one size fits all. It's important to find a shoe that really fits well but I feel people really miss a trick when it comes to the sole. This is where your foot has direct contact, this is where the power is going to be transferred from leg to pedal. The better the feeling and the better the contact, means a better transfer of power.

So, my shoe choice for the coming year is Bont Vaypor. It is a very comfortable shoe and one of the best on the current market. It is a very stiff shoe but that is something that I like. With the added stiffness of my custom foot beds I feel for the year 2012 I have the perfect combination. As well as making sure you have a perfect shoe and sole combination the cleat set up is also very important. This takes time, and for me this took a lot of time! You can never be in a rush when trying to sort things like cleat position and bike position. It is something that takes time and cannot be rushed. It should not be rushed because a poor position with your cleat or set up or your bike can result in injuries, which is something as athletes we try to avoid like the plague!

I have a lot to thank Phil and Jules for, it took time but you know what we might finally be there. Saddle change and a few changes here and there and the bike now feels great. Cycle Fit are amazing people, it's a great service and I would recommend to anyone, but also the banter you have when there is great!

I am very happy to be able to say that they will be supporting me for the coming year and I am very excited about that. I am currently on training camp and the changes we made to the bike feel very positive. I am on my new team bike and the first time I rode it, it was amazing because of these adjustments.

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