Monday, February 6, 2012

In typical Emma style it's been a fair while since I updated my blog! But, in my defence things have been busy!

January training camp came and went! Some good miles were put in and the banter did not disappoint. 10 days training and 1000Km were covered, including the famous Emma "easy" rides! As Macsha put it, "It's always an easy ride with Emma!" I just got excited when I was riding my time trial bike, it's amazing, it just makes you go fast! The thing is I didn't realise just how fast we were going until I downloaded my data in the evening! Put it this way, I now go easy! The weather was perfect, it just makes getting out on your bike that much better, riding in the sun! All was good apart from a little bit of sickness. Not great but perfect time to get sick in my opinion. If your going to get sick January is a good time, still a long time until the first race, so a lot of training still lay ahead, if I looked after myself. Which I did, I learnt that from last year. After a few easy days when I got home I was back on it again and putting in some solid training.

So, apart from riding my bike what else have I been up to. First and foremost I attended the Cycling Time Trials Dinner. Always a good night out and especially for a good chance to attend and show my appreciation for the support that they will be giving me this year. I am very happy to be accepting the funding and hope to do them proud with some good results this year. The dinner however again did not disappoint. The food as always was amazing, the whole prize giving thing took a long time but that's nothing out of the ordinary and I suppose that is why you go! But, for me the best thing about the whole evening was the Graeme Obree interview. It was very inspiring and so totally true. It all just made sense, he spoke the truth, it left me inspired. After speaking to him on a one to one after it left me feeling very positive about what I was doing and why I was doing it. Despite what a lot of people think about the man, he is not as strange as people make out, just a very sound man. He knows what he wants and is going to get there his way, which I suppose is why I like him. Maybe in a way I see myself, doing battle on my way, my way or no way!

So, that's what I have been up to. All the normal things as well, riding, resting, sleeping! But, just enjoying life! So until next time, remember, live life to the maximum, never regret anything!

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