Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Team Presentation

Team presentation, a time for the sponsors to see everyone together. For us to finally show off our new kit, bikes, cars, etc. The calm before the storm! The presentation day although long, is one of them days you cannot help but enjoy. This day was no different and I for one really had a good day, even if it meant at the end of it all, all I wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep!

So, this blog is just going to be pictures from our presentation. Because you know sometimes I am lazy but sometimes pictures tell a much better story!

So, here it is, the much anticipated picture from our team photo day. This picture for me, is one of the most important. That is because it is the one that I will have stuck with me for the rest of the year. This picture will appear on the website, on team cards and on all press release things. So although I am not very interested the most of the time in doing my make up and making sure my hair is exactly right for this day I really was!

Presentation day has two main objectives, one to show the world the new kit and two a chance for the sponsors to see what they are supporting. Once the typical introduction of staff and riders is complete generally the next step in a presentation is for the riders to mingle and chat with those who have come. Believe the room was packed and there was a lot of people to talk to! For me this is no problem, I found myself within my element and for sure without a doubt this was the best bit of the day! Time is irrelevant at these kind of functions and you just make the most of the opportunity you have to talk to these people, showing an appreciation to them for the support they are showing the team.

For the year of 2012 I will be riding a Koga bike. Both in the road races and within all TT's. The road bike I have recently received and have really felt at home on it straight away. It is such a positive bike. It handles very well and especially so at the high speeds. I feel happy on it and know for sure when I put it into the corner it is going to react the way I would expect it to. The TT I have also been very lucky to try. Words do not describe the feeling of riding on that bike, words would just not do it justice. It is an amazing bike, super fast, super stiff and just an absolute joy to ride. How many people say that about their TT bikes!! I really look forward to riding it, I just love it so much!

The team bus, what can I say! Not many women's team are blessed with the luxury of having a bus like this at their disposal, so I see myself very fortunate to have such a thing! It certainly is something very useful to have in terms of changing and just having that one place before a race where you can hide out. It is by no means to the scale of that of what a men's team would have, but it is practical and it is going to do a bloody good job, that I am sure of. The colour scheme is that of everything we have this year. Everything matches which is really cool. The colours really grow on you.

Last but by no means least, I give to you Dolmans-Boels Cycling Team 2012. Here's to a successful year for everybody, individually but most importantly as a team!

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